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The individual equipment takes an important part in the operational capacity of the user. It allows you to secure your equipment while offering quick access to it. Find in this section the holsters for different models of weapons and Taser, magazine holders for belts or Molle system, aerosol holders, telescopic baton holders. Also discover our plate holders intended for intensive use as well as all the equipment for hearing and eye protection.

Hard holsters and holsters for GLOCK 17, BERETTA 92, PAMAS G1, HK SFP9, HK P30. Visible port holster for routine duty or discreet port holster for PJ or surveillance missions. Holster Inside and outside thermo molded or cordura. Holsters with different levels of security and retention ranging from level 2 to level 5, with trigger guard retentions and locking flange. Innovative and robust holster allowing quick draws and safe holstering of the weapon. A series of accessories allowing you to modulate the wearing of your holster with high, medium and low ports as well as thigh and hip plates or even on your plate carrier with a MOLLE mounting plate. Plate carrier models, for more or less heavy protection depending on the use, with different cummerbunds. Molle or laser cut finish, available in different sizes compatible with SAPI or 25x30 ballistic plate models.
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