Price range (€ TTC)
Weight (g)
Height (cm)
Length (cm)
Diameter (mm)
Magnification Min
Width (cm)
Objectif Diam. (mm)
Magnification Max
Tuning 100m
Elevation stroke (MoA)
Windage stroke (MoA)
Field min 100 m
Twilight fact Min
Field max 100 m
Tension (v)
Diam. (mm)
Vol (ml)
Twilight fact Max

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Find in this section all the optical equipment for observation and shooting. We have a wide range of reliable quality riflescopes and red dots, with excellent image resolution for short, medium and long range shooting. Also discover our means of observation with our binoculars and spotter glasses. We also offer equipment for night observation with our range of night vision and thermal imaging for military use.

We have multiple models of glasses from brands recognized for their quality. For close range / CQB shooting, we offer low magnification LPVO type scopes, allowing for fast and accurate target acquisition. For longer range shooting, equip a TLD scope with high magnification variable magnification, featuring bright and clear HD lenses, for chromatic aberration-free and crisp resolution no matter the ambient light. Depending on your needs, opt for MoA or MRAD turrets, with FFP first focal plane or second focal plane optics. Our range of red dot sights allows you to provide your weapon with an aiming aid for rapid and reflex shots for short and medium distances. Indispensable equipment for modern weaponry. For observation, we have a selection of binoculars and goggles that can be used for surveillance or long distance shooting. During night observation, discover our latest generation night vision and thermal imaging range, with our Clip-On models, our thermal goggles and NVG for helmets. They provide long-range detection, recognition and identification capabilities.
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