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Steyr HS 50 Sound Moderator


Steyr HS 50 Sound Moderator

Item number : ST9001

MSRP From : 2070.00 € incl. tax
Item number : ST9001
Item number Designation Caliber Length (cm) Diam. (mm) Weight (g) MSRP
ST9001 Steyr HS 50 Sound Moderator .50BMG 43.15 82 4005 2070 € incl. tax

The sound moderator is a device to reduce the flash at the exit of the mouth and the sound.

It is constructed with an insert that holds the steel baffles and an expansion chamber around the barrel.

Sound Moderator for the Steyr HS 50 Caliber 50 BMG (12.7 X 99 mm NATO)

Moderator of its telescopic type: Partially encasing the barrel.

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